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    If you don’t want to read my own personal babble feel free to skip to the last paragraph Guess I should start with saying that I’m female, in my late 20’s with overall great health. Been a customer of SS for years but mainly for their pharma stuff. Have cycled basic OTC thermogenics over the years, but want to ramp it up a gear as I’ve got surgery in 6 months & want to get the best results I can from it. Having done some research and ran it past my brother (ex pro body builder), it seemed like a good choice. Sorry, not sure if such an in depth intro is necessary but I guess it doesn’t hurt to explain where I’m at.

    So I’ve been running this for the past 5 days. Started at 0.20mls for 2 days, 0.25mls for the following 3 and my plan is to go to either 0.40mls or 0.50mls from here. Sides have been labile, so far not jittery or anxious (but this may be due to the 5mg Diazepam at night I have been taking since day 1). Have been sweating a lot and it doesn’t feel like regular overheating sweat, it feels like the cold sweats you’d get with the flu or something.

    The biggest issue I’m having is the hour after waking, prior to the next dose. I feel nauseous, lethargic and generally just “off”. It’s difficult to articulate, it doesn’t feel like any kind of drug withdrawal (I spent a few of my teen years addicted to H so I’m well versed in that).Is this something I should be more concerned than I am about? I tend to take the drops in 200ml of juice and then go for a 3-5 mile jog with the dog. Following that I feel fresh as a daisy until my usual 3pm crash (this has been happening since I remember so it’s normal for me). I’ve been toying with the idea of splitting the dose and taking the 2nd one at around 2pm to see if I can beat the crash. Would anyone have any experience or opinions about this? Had a blood test done last month and everything was within the normal parameters.

    There seems to be a lot of conflicting advice on how this should be run. I’ve seen suggestions of weekdays on/ weekends off, 2 weeks on/ 2 weeks off, a non-stop 4 week run with no PCT. So I was just wondering if anyone could give me any advice about the time length that would give me good results whilst also not being too dangerous? Is there anything I could take alongside this as a protective measure? Also any advice about PCT would be amazing.

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